Thursday, 18 May 2017

Nothing big...

...happened in the studio this week.  In fact, it has been quite the contrary.  Teeny, tiny, mini has been the fun, as I created a small book from fragments of mono-printed paper, salvaged stamps, a whack of double-sided tape and a scrap of ribbon.

Disclaimer:  As always, I've no idea what I'm doing, so any information and/or technique you gain here is totally concocted from my addled brain.  This, of course, means that it has nothing to do with the proper way of creating a book, or any kind of reality whatsoever.  In addition, you should know that no mono-prints, stamps or ribbon were harmed in the process (well, apart from the one I put upside down and had to tear out).

The book style is accordion, and all scraps were 3" x 5", folded in half.  Since the prints had been created as demos in mono-print classes, there was no telling what might show up, front or back.

I used double-sided tape to affix half of one scrap to half of the other, creating a looooooooooooooong accordion line.

When assembled it's not even as long as a tube of paint.  The cover, a tri-fold so that the last page could be affixed to the centre back, is a painted dryer sheet spray glued to bond paper - more scraps. Delicious, no?

'Homage to Snail Mail' © Win Dinn

Fitting comfortably in the palm, at 2.75" x 3" x .5", it  holds thirty-three pages, thirty-nine stamps, and so much print and stamp loveliness I was drooling a little as I put it together.

The stamps themselves are truly beautiful, and remind me what a pleasure it is to receive these tiny bits of art in the mail.

I'm especially enamoured of the wildlife series.

This coffee pot stamp on a background of coffee- flavoured  coloured paper made me smile.

The day lily, centre, reminds me of a painting that Alice Saltiel gifted me some time ago - luscious!

Who can resist red and white?

 The pansy on the left reminds me of my mom - it was her favourite flower.

Doesn't the queen look regal in pink?

There seems to be a royal theme going on here.

The snake stamps below are amazing - embossed, they are slick, slippery and definitely back-crawling.

I was intrigued by the orange stamp in the centre.  Anybody know what it's all about?

The stamp from the Netherlands came to me from my friend Gerda in an art swap - love it!

I still have a bag full of stamps and scraps  realms of  demo prints. . . I wonder how they'll get used. Perhaps there will be another tiny book in my future?

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Fun to the max...

...and some great results are the two labels I'd put on last weekend's Gelli playshop.

These ladies really know how to party with paint!  Being such a colour nerd I was beyond impressed that Becca managed to not only colour-coordinate her shirt and scarf with the tablecloth, but then did a print to match!

Mel and Britney look totally engrossed as they wield their weapons.

Linda and Carol are equally intent, and you can tell by the array of prints surrounding them that they have been very busy!

I wonder what Gay is contemplating here - throwing paint at Becca, perhaps?

Britney is justifiably proud of this beauty!

Prints on paper, prints on fabric, prints on aprons and prints on hands!  It truly was kids' day at Fly in the Fibre!

The prints were amazing - so much lusciousness!  I'm going to zip it until the end so you can enjoy the variety, texture and pattern.

Whenever I do a class, my texture templates change colour, and I just had to show you this mouth-watering drywall compound template after Saturday's playshop - gorgeous, no?  It's absolutely frameable!

Thanks again to all you  adventurous women - you made my day!  Thanks, too, to Fly in the Fibre for such an awesome space!  We're quite likely to be reconnecting there in the fall, so keep your eyes open for playshop dates.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Since I'm . . .

. . . in the throes of packing up for a weekend playshop, I thought I'd show you some of my favourite pieces from the last while.

This was a rain barrel project done as a fundraiser with three other Canmore artists; it's a real blast from the past!
One of my favourite tags

A yummy closeup of a cheesecloth background technique

A cobweb background
Alcohol inks on white textured wallpaper

The Impossible Clock - a collaboration with Bart Bjorkman of Puffin Design
Subtle Colour

We Stand Together
And now I'd better get back to packing up those playshop supplies; with eight registrants, fabric paints, Gelli plates and ArtFoamies, it's going to be magic mayhem!

Thursday, 27 April 2017

What a weekend!

The Kootenay Fibre Fest this past Saturday was a memorable event filled with incredible colour,

 cascades of fibre,

nuances in grey,

wonderful contrasts,

braided rainbows,


and baskets of sunshine.

It was impossible to stay hands off!

The try-it station presented by the local quilting guild was luscious (and very busy),

and an indigo-dyed display by Anne Fetterly was rich with a range of soft blue to midnight sky.

I was endlessly fascinated  by the spinning that was going on behind me on the stage,

while at the table in front a needle felting try-me joint project by attendees was pure delight in its evolution.

The mono-printing station I occupied was busy enough that this is the only photo I have, taken just before the gates opened.

Even our local sasquatch got in on the act, getting dolled up for the occasion.

I believe this photo is by Mel Hadiken-Joy

All in all, it was an immensely successful day, compliments of Carmen Ditzler and her team.  Plan a road trip for the next year - you'll be so glad you did!
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