Friday, 21 October 2016

Shenanigans... the studio happen often, and this week's been no exception.

A friend recently posted a melted crayon pumpkin link on my Facebook page and of course, with all that fabulous colour we had to have a go.

Two pale pumpkins (one each for Rochelle and I) and a traditional orange one for John started the fun.  We're not sure whether John was carving or tossing, but it was a riot to watch.

Rochelle went with purples, pinks and blues, white I used a quiet palette of red, blue, yellow, orange and green (subdued, right?).

We were so stoked to be able to stop picking the crayons off the table - they kept slipping in the too-thin glue - that we took a ton of photos. 

We let the glue dry overnight, and then tore after them with a heat gun.

Smashing colour right?  AND we managed to do it without damaging any pumpkins either.

I can't tell you how much fun it is to melt that wax and watch it drool all over the pumpkin.

 And the colour's drooly too.

We placed them on the newel posts outside the front door and they add a great deal to our Halloween decor - in fact, they're the ONLY decor right now.

John's pumpkin, carved completely around, will join them as soon as he finds an LED light for it.

 We think they look pretty splashy,

and we're considering having another go 'round.  

Of course, I blame it all on the girl - she started the whole thing with some pumpkin painting for her work, and now we're having trouble stopping!

Thursday, 6 October 2016


...are so much fun.  I love having these little masterpieces from around the world so close at hand.

This last while, I received a fabulous package of them from an Auzzie friend and trading partner, Roz Willoughby, as a result of a recent trade request in a blog post.

These are so richly textured they're drool-worthy - take a look!

Not only did she send the half dozen gorgeous cards, but she also sent a piece of tin she'd embossed - you know it's going to show up somewhere in one of my journals.

There is nothing like an envelope of happy mail to get the creative juices flowing, so I'm back in the studio finding more ways to texture my own work.  Many thanks for the inspiration, Roz!

Friday, 23 September 2016

I've been searching...

...through my photo files recently in an effort to pare down the hundreds of photos.  It's truly astounding how many floral pieces I've done over the years.

I've collaged them,

drawn them in pencil,

coloured them in chalk pastel,

sculpted them with acrylic medium,

created them from wine and beer bottle caps,

 crafted them from hand-painted papers,

turned them into altered books,

photographed and printed them on dryer sheets before adding them to a painting,

and created entire mountain ranges from them.

I'm fascinated by the number of paintings I've done that incorporate flowers (and I've kept record of some three hundred of them apparently), especially given that I'm so averse to the actual concept of getting my hands dirty in real soil.  I leave that up to my husband, John, who is so fond of gardening he's starts to resemble the dark rich colour of his favourite tomatoes in the summer.  

I suspect that the floral form is an instant connection to my beloved mandalas, the sacred circle.  I hope you'll tell me what your recurring themes are in the comment area below.  What is it that you return to again and again? How does it connect the dots for you in your life?

Thursday, 15 September 2016

They flit, they float...

...and they fly all around me.  Dryer sheets, that is, and I'm determined to make a dint in my stash of them.

I've been painting them for years, since they make perfect mop-ups for left-over paint.  This last while I've been experimenting with using them to make three-dimensional vases, and having fun honing my beading/buttoning skills.

I've spray glued them to Gelli-printed papers, which gives them yet another dimension,

and apparently I couldn't get myself to stop.

It's just that they are so lovely, and will make great background texture in hand-crafted greeting cards.

One needs to get up close to see the texture over top of the print underneath...I'm endlessly fascinated.

This one was so colourful that I placed it on a plain white paper instead of over a print - still lovely.

And the best part of my week?  I got a fabulous package from a favourite on-line artist friend.  Over on the Google+ site Creating and Sharing Mixed Media Art, we've been doing an Artist Trading Card exchange, and these fabulous cards came from Shelby Pizarro.  You can find her blog here for more deliciousness.  This first ATC is just so ethereal - beautiful.

I'm crazy about Venice, so this one just pleases me no end.

And look at the pile of fun that came with them.  Coincidentally, I'm working on a journal right now that incorporates fortune cookie slips - however did you know, Shelby?

Added to that is the fabulous group of papers - more playtime ahead, I can see!

I hope your week has been just as fun and at least as colourful.  Do tell in the comments below - I'd love to hear what you're up to.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

It was so much... that I'd like to do it all over again!

The opening of  'Students. Teacher. Play.',,,
last week at Centre 64 was wonderful.  With a host of attendees, dozens of mixed media artworks, a dozen artists and incredible refreshments, how could it have been anything else?

At the entrance - that stunning painting on the right is 'Alice in Wonderland' by Alice Saltiel

Here's Lynne Mizera with her Graffiti Roses

Judy Walker (l) and Gerry Forget (r), two of the artists

Alice Saltiel with her Alice in Wonderland

Judy Dahl with her Shifting Sands

Laura Leeder with her lovely stylized florals

Some of my work in the upstairs gallery

I'm toasting the opening (and the guests) in front of Midnight Garden V (yup - I think it's the last Midnight Garden - maybe)  Photo by Judy Dahl
Doesn't this spread look amazing?  The volunteers at Centre 64 did a terrific job.  Between this, the wine and the punch, there was nothing lacking at all!

The appies were amazing - photo by Alice Saltiel

Thanks to those of you who made a trip (short or long) to attend - it would be hard to express how much it was appreciated.  If you've not yet seen the show, it's open until September 24 - well worth the look!

NB.  All uncredited photos by John Dinn, unless I've really goofed up on my notes!

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