Monday, 20 January 2014

In the Playbox...

The Kimberley Mixed Media II playshop at Centre 64 should have engendered a visit by the fun police, 'cause we had WAY too much of it.

With 10 rowdy participants, all of them total nutcases (yes, you were!), we painted, stretched, threw, splashed and mucked with nearly twenty techniques.

Here's what it looked like near the start,
The centre space is where I got to do my happy dance.
and here's what it looked like near the finish.
The centre space is where the participants were too pooped to happy dance!
Back Row:  Carol, Donna, Marjorie, Rob, Louise
Front Row:  Virginia, Juanita, Ilene, Jeanie, Sue
The interim was sheer chaos, with 'sharing' of supplies,

Sue (left) and Jeanie fight over some holey ribbon
mucking with drywall compound (really!),

Juanita gets a groove on
 slicing and dicing,

No idea what Ilene is taking those scissors to, but it looks lethal!
 and wrestling cobwebs to the ground.

Virginia ties one on
 We sprayed paint,

Rob sprays his cobweb start while Donna attacks her piece in the background
 tested colours and acrylic properties,

Louise, a consummate watercolourist, tests acrylics for the way they work with salt
 and painted crushed, wet paper, among other things.

Jeanie on the attack with a loaded paintbrush
With so much talent in the room, it was inevitable that someone else get into instructor mode.

Here Louise Olinger demos a salt technique for the group
And because everybody loved it so much (HA!), we spent a lot of time on skins and transfers!

Ilene scrubs and scrubs, and rubs and rubs to clean the back of a 'skin'

Everyone got into the act, and rebellion was constant (did I say they were like a bunch of kids?).

Marjorie even tested pipe cleaner wrapped around a brayer!
The floors behind the participants were covered with masses of drying pieces, from painted paper

Wet and luscious painted paper
 to skins and mat board starts,

 to resist techniques and painted dryer sheets,

 in all sorts of permutations.

 It was endlessly fascinating, and ever-changing!

Check back in the next day or so (it'll take me that long to download, edit and choose) for more photos of this fabulous weekend, including some close-ups!

In the meantime, check out the Playshops, and consider joining me in Fernie on February 8 & 9 for the Mixed Media I weekend - you, too, can have this much fun in the playbox!

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