Friday, 7 March 2014

It's a little damp...

in Creston right now.  Some  heavy snowfall (for our area) followed by much warmer weather has created 'just a little' flooding in our yard.

 While I am fascinated by the patterns created by the water itself,

 as well as by the reflections therein,

the resultant flood in the garage is less to my liking.  As most of the water-logged boxes belong to our daughter, Rochelle, she'll be even less enthusiastic.  Her CD covers sit drying on the studio floor,

the workshop tables are piled with her books, interspersed with paper towels to soak up the moisture,

and boxes are securely tucked under the tables until we can relocate them to a safer space.

Meanwhile, Opal the Studio Cat toasts her warm, dry body beside the gas furnace, staying well away from all that excess of water, perhaps dreaming of the sunshine we all crave.

How's your creative week going?  I do hope it's dryer than ours!

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