Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Are you getting a head?

Well, in Creston, the artists certainly are!

My previous post  let the head out of the bag regarding the focus for this year's art portion Wine Art which happens Friday, May 30, 2014.

Sixteen talented local artists will be doing (or have already done) altered heads that will be auctioned at this event to raise funds for charity (proceeds to the Rotary's coffers that support their local, regional and international good works).  I got a sneak peak yesterday at a couple of the heads.  This elegant bird in a cage by Maureen Cameron and her sister Audrey Herridge is definitely chirping at the top of its lungs.

I had to grin at this one by Joanne Ferry - the understated elegance of the tin can necklace is awesome, and the questions raised in my mind are legion!

Andrea Revoy, the mastermind of this whole production, has a work in progress that is truly amazing.  I can hardly wait to see this one completed!

Here's a sneak peak, partial-view-only, at Anne Fetterley's silkily awesome piece; it's purely mouth-watering already.

Heath and Victoria of Shprixieland Studios have really got something going in this work-in-progress.  Raise your hand if you HAVE to see this one complete!

If that doesn't whet your appetite to be at this event with all of your life savings, I've no idea what would. This show is going to knock us ALL out of our socks!  Tickets are available through any member of the Creston Valley Rotary Club.  If you like tasting wine, eating hors d'ouvres, hobnobbing with old friends and meeting new ones, along with having your socks removed, this is the event for you!

Be sure to check Andrea's post for more photos (yes, I stole these from her!) and details. You too can get a head!

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