Tuesday, 29 April 2014


with people is one of my favourite things to do, and the Saturday playshop in Cranbrook was no exception. At Creative Display and Design at the College of the Rockies there were 9 newbies to meet and a student with whom to reconnect.

Prior to the start of the three-hour period, I re-designed my 'booth' so it more closely resembled a dog's breakfast.

 Would you like closer look?  It doesn't get any better!

We spent some time working on right brain/left brain exercises including a Mind Mapping exercise centred around their chosen product.  The colouring was obviously a favourite - see how intent they are?

After a intense discussion about what constitutes good design and eye catching displays, the participants took some time to list all the things that were wrong with the display - well over twenty items without even thinking hard.  What worries me is that they enjoyed it so much!

I could tell from the exercise and the stupendous list that they thoroughly 'got' the principles, and you can bet that those retailers and marketeers will have fabulous displays when they put their own together.  Can't beat that for focus!  And the best part?  I've some new friends in Cranbrook and environs.  

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