Friday, 27 June 2014

It's all about the texture!

I'm always very vocal in my playshops, never expecting anyone to actually listen to me.  This past weekend's playshop was the exception to my expectations!

When I demoed the use of texture plates (and the students subsequently made their own), I made it clear that they were to use my texture plates (15 of them) to the max, and ensure they were beautifully painted at the end of the weekend.  Look at their response to my instructions:





Dots and Grids



Grids 2





Aren't they gorgeous?  Don't you think those colour schemes look planned?  While some of them need more layers, many are frame-ready right now.  Tell me your favourite in the comments below and we'll see if one or more of them meets your criteria for framing!

One of the most frequent queries this past Sunday was 'What do I do with my texture plate?  Parts of it aren't printing.'  Helpful Hint for texture plates:  When your plate is completely dry (about 24 hours), hold it at eye level to view any 'sticky-uppies'.  Lightly sand these to make the plate as level as possible, yet still retaining the gorgeous texture.

Oh, wait - I've not done a tutorial on these yet...stay tuned next week for that, so you have some idea of what I mean!


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