Friday, 1 August 2014

Time Out...

Don't we all need it?

This past week, I spent a day 'up the lake' with Laura Leeder and Eileen Gidman (thanks for driving, Eileen!).  Laura and her husband Ivor have a permanent campsite there, and it's a beauty.

Laura and Ivor's campsite

 We spent some lovely hours sitting in the shade on a day that was 33°+,

Eileen and I relaxing

 before we headed to the lake for a swim.

Laura and Eileen hit the water
Along with the relaxation, conversation and camaraderie, I was particularly entranced with these lovely shadows on the storage tent,

 which were even more beautifully filigreed close-up.

A stunningly beautiful day, wonderful company and major relaxation - what could be more quintessentially summer?  Thank you Laura and Eileen - it was a marvellous break!

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