Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Who has more fun...

...than artists?  I find it hard to imagine that anybody could!

Today I got to play with Art Foamies, thanks to the generosity of Emmie Roelofse, who loaned me some for use in upcoming Gelli playshops.  They're fabulous stamps - quirky, whimsical and easy to clean in soapy water (gotta love that!).

With 30+ stamps from which to choose, the decision-making process took longer than the actual stamping.

Using brayer cleaning sheets, I stamped with Staz On stamp pads,

tested the Handy Art fabric paint that Emmie uses (it may not be strictly legal, but it works a charm on paper too)

and used them with heavy-bodied acrylics,

I switched to Gelli-printed backgrounds and used fluid acrylics,

and then the Gelli plate (I stamped the one on the right after stamping into the paint on the Gelli plate...waste not, want not!).

I'm also intrigued that one's own designs can be made into a stamp...what could be more fun than that?  

Emmie's motto is 'If it doesn't move - stamp it!', and I can see why.  Heaven help me;  I'm terribly afraid that I've found another addiction.  

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