Friday, 28 November 2014

Another look...

at brayer paper (aka leather paper, gesso paper) seems to be in order.

I uploaded a video on making this luscious paper in my last post, and that engendered a good deal of interest.

The papers can be incredibly rich,

simple and chic,

double sided,

or painted on one side only.

 What can they be used for?  Anything!

Beautiful as a background start, marvellous in collages, wonderful focal points in a painting, elegant as a wrapping paper

and oh-so-delicious when you need a colour hit in the middle of a snowy day.  I must admit to keeping a stash just for that very purpose!

Thanks for stopping by, and please do tell me what lifts your creative spirits in these winter days? And Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers - may you be enjoying an excess of turkey and gratitude!

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