Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Lucky, lucky, lucky...

. . . should be my middle name.

I'd been patiently (and if you believe that....) waiting for a tag exchange envelope from my good on-line friend Sherie.  We were matched up for May's tag exchange where the theme was 'Growing'; Sherie mailed it to me on May 15, but when June 8 rolled around and Canada Post still hadn't come through, she kindly sent me another.

I arrived home from a short trip to Alberta to find TWO parcels from Sherie - how could they be mailed three weeks apart and arrive on the same day?  Lucky, lucky, lucky!

The contents were amazing, from one tag

to another (back)


to another (closed)


 (full back).

There were lovely papers,

including commercial, deli,

 stamped and painted (and even some tape)

 along with napkins and another tag (look at the gorgeous stitching and wonderful colour on this one),

 another napkin

 and even some wallpaper.

And here's what knocked my socks off - some real ones that Sherie had personalized for me with her fabulous script and embellishment!  How did she know I have a reputation for wild and wonderful socks to uphold?

This glue gun stencil had me smiling, especially next to the wacky lady stamped on the deli paper.  I think she kind of looks like me, don't you?

Check out this fabulous digital piece that she created especially for the trade...I just love the contrast between the sedate ladies in the top left 'audience' and the flamboyant gals on stage!

So thank you Sherie, for such wonderful goodies...you know they'll all be put to good use!

And as if that weren't enough 'lucky' in my life, I came home from Alberta with several boxes of mixed media goodies from Alice Saltiel and her husband Bill. That's a post for another day, though, since I inadvertently put most of them in my stash, forgetting to photograph them.  I couldn't possibly show them all, of course, since they pretty much filled up our vehicle, but I repeat - lucky, lucky, lucky to have such amazing friends.

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