Wednesday, 29 July 2015

I count... a good day when I can spend  time in the the studio, and now that I can play while I'm at work, that happens nearly every day.

This week I managed to finish a crate

 and a book sculpture.

 I  embossed teen-some tags for future exchanges,

 and nearly finished a fun foam tangle drawing (Gelli plate here I come!),

as well as a painting (just a sneak peak here).

 I started laying out pieces for a gold themed painting,

 and gazed cross-eyed at a pair of shoes waiting patiently near two bottles, all in progress.

I also inked half a dozen mandala designs for my next adult colouring book.  Go, Win, go!

I'm a happy creator - how about you?


Thanks for your comments - I value every one!

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