Thursday, 24 September 2015

Art friends...

...are the best!  These past four days were chock-a-block full of experimentation, food, wine, laughter, colour and extraordinary fun, not necessarily in that order.

Alice Saltiel and Meg Nicks , along with their other halves, 

Meg, Win, John,  & Paul watch Bill pull a Gelli print (Alice is behind the camera on this one)
spent the last few days in Creston, where we crammed in as much studio time as possible. Alice and Meg, both consummate artists, demonstrated some fabulous techniques and, as always, I learned a ton from each of them. We traded stash supplies, tips and new and exciting products.

Alice painted and tested an embossing technique (to say nothing of creating some luscious backgrounds):

while Meg primarily worked on her fabulous organic paintings in preparation for a 20-minute  upcoming paint-off benefit.

She got a bit of time to add layers to some other paintings-in-progress and tested the embossing technique as well (missed a photo of that).

We also managed a walk over to Skimmerhorn Winery to check out how the grapes were coming along (really!!!),  

a fabulous lunch at Real Food Cafe, and several other food comas. In other words, we got down and dirty in Creston, BC.

Meg and Alice
As always, it was sheer delight and I look forward to a return engagement.

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