Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Things are flying... the studio, and it's obvious there's something afoot.  Luckily, you get to hear about it first!

This coming Saturday is the Kootenay Fibre Arts Festival and I'll be there doing mono-print demos on the Gelli Plate.  Best  part?  If you attend, you get to try it too!

Creating a mono-print is great fun, whether on paper

Gelli-print on paper using masks, stencils and bubble wrap
or fabric, (sorry, we're not showing any printed body parts in this family-friendly post, no matter what the poster infers)

Gelli print on fabric using cheesecloth as stencil
and it starts to get really interesting when you add Inktense Pencils

Inktense pencil work on fabric Gelli-printed with fun foam template
and/or the incomparable Art Foamies  (created right here in Creston, BC!) to the mix.

ArtFoamie stamped on Gelli-printed fabric

Want some even better news about this Saturday and the Kootenay Fibre Arts Festival?  When you attend, and register for this upcoming playshop

you'll get your choice of an added bonus.  Choose from a selection of  hand-cut stencils (yes, that's yours truly slaving over a hot stencil burner and sheets of cold house wrap), or an ArtFoamie stamp (Remember above where I told you they're incomparable?  Truth!)

One of eight house-wrap stencils to be given away - each unique
Only on Saturday, April 22 and at the Kootenay Fibre Festival will you have this opportunity - unbelieveable (barely), not to be repeated (this year anyway), and truly totally amazing!  

The benefits are legion.  The playshop is highly entertaining whether you're a fibre freak, a creative looking for a place to play and learn, or an established artist in any medium.  After making some 800+ prints for my own entertainment, I can safely say that it's more fun than you can possibly imagine!  You say you don't have any experience in creating art?  You don't need it!  No skills? They come in the learning package - no extra charge - and heavily disguised as fun.

If you've taken any of my other playshops, you'll know they are stress-busters that promote a desire for more, more and more creative fun.  If you're a newbie, you're going to love it!  This Saturday - come and register.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Insanity runs...

...and truly, that's all I can say about my studio week.

Not only have I played with embroidery until I'm near blind, I've been burning, burning, burning, and while there's little smoke involved it's definitely been an inferno in here.

Free-hand stencil cutting is an easy thing to do, and a leather burner is just the tool for it.  And doesn't that bright red handle look great with the grey?

The setup




City gridlock
Just in case you want to join me in my current/ongoing mania, this video will give you a good start.

While you're there, feel free to subscribe to my channel - I'm not only amused by house wrap and stencil burning, I get a kick out of seeing the number of subscribers increase.  In case you're curious about these stencils and their uses, check out the Layers of Gelli video too.

I've got four more of these to burn to reach my limit - you'll know I'm done when you feel the earth crack and rumble against your feet from the shouts of 
Yabba-Dabba-Do !!!!!! 

I want to see what stencils you've created, whether they're burned, cut or still in the mental preparation stage.  Let me know where I can find them in your comments below.  In the meantime, have a silly, playful, and fun week.  

Friday, 7 April 2017

Oh how I love...

...Artist Trading Cards - the making, the shipping, and the receiving of them just give me such a sense of wonder.

These tiny little bits of art (2 1/2" x 3 1/2") slip so easily into an envelope and bring so much fun that sometimes I can't stop.  We had a trading session over at Creating & Sharing Mixed Media that got me totally jazzed.  That's a good thing, since the theme was all about songs.  The two trading cards could be based on a whole song, song title, line from a song or our favourite song, with a third one of any theme whatsoever.

I keep a healthy pile/stash/hoard of ATC 'blanks' for such opportunities, and I carefully chose three of them.

ATC Blanks

And then it got really tough, because I Could. Not. Stop.  

ATC fronts

ATC Backs

I enjoyed listening to hours of music so much that I've decided to go back to my original life plan of becoming a world-renowned vocalist.  Stay tuned (pun intended).  In the meantime, these cards have gone into an envelope carefully crafted from two colour-coorinated Gelli prints, stapled, glued and taped together so tightly that the recipient will have no chance of EVER getting into them.

Envelope front

Envelope back
So, here's the scoop - I want to make more.  Do you want to receive one?  If you're into trading with ATC's, here's your change to get an original Win Dinn Artist Trading Card.  Just email me  and I'll happily get into Make Mode just for you.  It's an open theme, so get creative!

Thursday, 30 March 2017

You should know...

...that I'm hand-work challenged before you check out this post.  Although my mother went to great lengths to instill some semblance of hand-stitching/embroidery/quilting ability into my brain, it was to no avail.

So why, you wonder, would I attempt to hand-stitch a pair of curtains?  The reasons are:
  1. Lunacy
  2. I couldn't find any to fit the window.
  3. I was working on a series of creations for the June Material Changes show at Centre 64 in Kimberley in  which I've been invited to participate.  The show features items that have been reimagined from something that would otherwise have been discarded.
Regarding item number three, I have long used dryer sheets and cheesecloth to mop up leftover paint and usually have a colourful stack of them in my studio, so it seemed like a reasonable idea to use them up, right?  Wrong.  

I started by slip-stitching unpainted sheets to painted sheets so I'd have a little more strength...don't you love the tidy look?

The front doesn't look much better than the back, does it?

There are even some smaller bits that will eventually make the curtains into a cafe style, assuming I get that far - they'll be the last to be added.

After days (weeks? months?) of slip-stitching, I finally reached the part where I could start embroidering this week, assisted by a ton of YouTube videos, a glass or six of wine, and the emotional courage of a fire-walker.  Those scissors belonged to my mother, bless her, and although she'd be appalled at the results of my efforts, I'm sure she's impressed that I'd even start the project. (Finishing may be another matter.)

The amazing box of embroidery floss was a gift from Alice Saltiel, who, when she heard about the project found this collection in a thrift store and mailed it off to me before I could start my own stash.

The embroidery has been started, and with sixty eight inches in width x two feet in length, I've revised my completion date to June, 2022.  Betting polls will be announced shortly.

If the finished product looks very, very bad, I can always cover it all up with the colour-coordinated cheesecloth I've saved for 'just in case'.

I will keep you posted on this craziness, if you let me know what artistic lunacy is driving you.  Best story in the comments below will win a prize!

Thursday, 23 March 2017

I'm supposed to be...

...working, right?  But I get into the studio, and can't help following all those questions I have about whether this technique would work with that material.

As addicted to Gelli printing as I am, I was watching a video about faux marbling by Birgit Koopsen who achieved a fabulous effect using frayed hemp.  Now John may have hemp rope in the garage, but in the current state of flooding, that building was temporarily off limits, so I pulled out some cobweb to try instead.

While the first two prints look a little gloppy,

I finally remembered to pull the cobweb material much finer, and this first print, with four layers of paint, looks pretty delicious.

The ghost print from the same series, is yummy too,

and the haunt print has picked up some lovely undertones of blue from the first couple of prints.  I LOVE it when that happens!

Naturally, I'll save the painted cobweb for something interesting too - maybe a journal page, or added to the crazy bathroom curtains I have on the go, or what if I saved it for the original intention, and created a really unique Halloween display?

Stay tuned - you know it's going to go SOMEWHERE!  Where are you going with your artwork? What's got your creative juices flowing?  Do post a link in your comments so we can check it out!

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Playtime is the best...

...time, don't you think?

Good friend and fellow artist Laura Leeder stopped by this past week for some playtime in the studio.  We'd been wanting to experiment with different uses for gesso, and we tore right into it.

Laura washing over a stenciled gesso floral...look at those wonderful colours!

The top leaves on the journal spread have been pounced through a stencil with gesso,
and then washed over with a pale acrylic.

This sienna-toned magazine page was stenciled with gesso,
and then washed over with quinacridone orange acrylic.

These images were stamped on to watercolour paper with gesso,
dried and then washed over with acrylics.

A credit card was used to push gesso through the stencil
before applying a wash or two.

Gesso was thickly applied and then distressed with a heat gun.
Washes of alcohol ink and ultramarine acrylic inks were applied.
White gesso was patted on with a paper towel over the black
gesso...nice pattern, right?

A house wrap stencil was used to apply the design,
and then it was spritzed with  Dylusions spray.

Laura's piece at the end of the session...I
suspect there will be more layers!
It was a most entertaining morning, and I hope we can do it again - soon!!

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Well, wasn't The Box Project... amazing show?  It's come and gone, and it was mind-boggling.  You can see the start of this year's action here and here, and in this post, some amazing works by local artists.

Here are some of my favourites:

Madonna of the Discarded, Alison Masters, side view showing both the vacuum cleaner version and painting.

Madonna of the Discarded, Alison Masters, showcasing vacuum cleaner version

This raving beauty is by Andrea Revoy!

Part of the 'I Was Here' project by Alison Masters.  It included Gelli prints, clay and paintings

Laura Leeder with her lovely painting

Win Dinn with her Valley Fortune boxes

This rooster by Anne Fetterly was a knockout

Maureen's goddess was fabulous...check out the shoulders and mid-section especially.

Gorgeous clay by Lorene Lyons

There were so many wonderful pieces, it was truly hours of looking and drooling.  Were my camera skills only up to the challenge of photographing amidst the crowds that saw the show.

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